There are several items that are only available on the Physicians site. Here is a list of each and the steps to use them.
As with all modules, drag the item over into the content area you want it to appear in. Each can be used as either a group or individual item and the templates will reflect that. 
1. "cta boxes", select 2 items and pick template "Ctabox Group" under the List tab
2. "CTACards", select 1 item and pick template "C t a card single" under the Single tab
3. "CtaStandard", select 1 item. No template necessary

The last items need to be in a Full Width content area
1. "CtaSnippets", select 1 item and template "Cta snipped single" under the Single tab
2. "CtaStandardsFulls", select 1 item and template "Cta standard full single" under the Single tab
3. "CtaSmartCares", nothing needs to be selected here.


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